Pinterest Marketing Ideas for Interior Designers

Pinterest Marketing Ideas for Interior DesignersIf you are an entrepreneur, you understand the impact that a solid social media marketing strategy can have on your business.  In the day and age of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can’t afford to not participate in this free method of promoting your business.

Another social media tool to hit the market is Pinterest, and this may be the most beneficial source yet, especially if you are an interior designer.  Through Pinterest, users have the ability to design the home of their dreams by creating a virtual pin board filled with images from all over the Internet.  In order to drive the most amount of traffic back to your business’s webpage, there are some strategic steps that you need to take when creating a “pin-able” image on Pinterest.  Social Media Examiner outlines these critical steps below:

  • Almost as important as the image itself is the name that you give it.  A good name for an image could be the title of your blog post that you are using the image in.
  • When inserting the image in your blog, make sure that you give it a description.  Offering a description that is relevant to your blog post will help drive traffic back to your webpage if someone is to pin the image on Pinterest.  Also, this description will permanently stay with the image.
  • Include your website address on images to direct people to your company’s webpage.
  • Ask people to re-pin your images simply by including a message such as “Feel free to re-pin this image.”
  • Try to keep the description of your images between 200 and 300 characters as those images are more likely to be re-pinned.

If you are an interior designer that is looking for some inspirational images for your next project, please check out the Art For Everyday website.  We offer high-end custom woodcarvings that provide architectural interest and character to any home.


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